Let's go for Shopping in Brussels !

Do you want to go shopping? Discover the best places to go!   Take the lead today before summer sales ^^

The tour of the big places where to go shopping:

The Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert:Galerie de la Reine 23, 1000 Bruxelles Inaugurated in 1847, this commercial complex of 170 years of age brings together stores of qualities, especially in terms of chocolate, watch, etc. It attract more than 6 million people each year by gallery. The Gallery is a real tourist attraction.
Rue Neuve "City 2":  The Rue Neuve is a long commercial street, you can find in this area the shopping center "City 2". Here you will find a large choice of shops...
Docks Brussels:Lambermontstraat 1, 1000 Brussel An innovate commercial complex and leisure Center, with 110 Stores, with a cinema, with an attraction park inside,...

Boulevard Anspach : An avenue with old and beautiful building surroundings with some stores. 
The “Chaussée d'Ixelles”:  Looks a bit like Rue Neuve, but it is not so long. It is …

Culture of Belgian fries

The culture of Belgian fries

First of all, what is the fry? It is a potato stick, cooked in animal fat or vegetable oil. It exists under other names such as "fried potato". They are often sold in chips shops or "fritkots" in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) and in the north of France. It is an important element in the gastronomy of the country. It participates in the worldwide influence of Belgium! And here are a few lines on its history, and its place in our culture.

The fries are derived from the potato or potato, an edible tuber ...

When was the appearance of the potato on Belgian floor? Historians speak of its first appearance in the 17th century, some even claim that it would come from Russia and for others from the American soldiers who during the First World War would have introduced the potato. However, according to Fernand Pirotte, a Belgian historian who studied potatoes. It would be introduced in the region of Namur in Belgium around 17…

La culture de la Frite en Belgique !

La culture de la Frite 

Avant toute chose, qu’est-ce la frite ?C’est un bâtonnet à base de pomme de terre, cuit dans de la graisse animal ou de l’huile végétale. Elle existe sous d’autres appellations telles que « pomme frite » ou « patate frite ». Elles sont souvent vendues dans des friteries ou « fritkots » dans le Benelux (Belgique,  Pays-Bas, Luxembourg) et dans le nord de la France. C’est un élément important dans la gastronomie du pays. Elle participe au rayonnement mondial de la Belgique ! Et en voici quelques lignes sur son histoire, et sa place dans notre culture.

La frite est issue de la pomme de terre ou patate, un tubercule comestible…

A quand remonte l’apparition de la pomme de terre sur le sol belge ?Les historiens parlent de sa première apparition au 17ème siècle, certains prétendent même qu’elle nous serait issue de la Russie et pour d’autres issue des soldats américains qui durant la Première Guerre mondiale auraient introduit la pomme de terre. Cependant, selon Fernand…

So what's your plan for tomorrow ? Events in June 2017

Do you want to go out ? Check this calendar with several good events around the Hotel 

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- Exhibition Occupation, at M.A.D. Brussels __________

- Tai Chi Training, in several Park __________

- This day, “Thé Dansant de Linde”, at the community centre de Linde At Haren
- Exhibition « Just married, a history of marriage », Costume and Lace Museum, Beginning ___________

- This day, Event de l’Institut Bischof