Envie de vous promener et de respirer l’air pure de la nature ?

A Bruxelles, on dénombre pas moins de 50 espaces verts, des parcs, des jardins... gérés par la Ville de Bruxelles et par Bruxelles Environnement.  Aujourd'hui nous allons nous intéresser aux principaux parcs et autres espaces verts situés autour du Leopold Hotel Brussels EU, accessibles à pied et en bus:

Ci-dessus, vous avez une partie d'une carte qui représente les espaces verts de Bruxelles :
(La numérotation de la carte ici ne constitue pas un classement) 

4 - Parc Leopold 5 - Square de Meeus 6 - Parc du Palais d’Egmont 7 - Square du Petit Sablon 8 - Square Frère Orban 9 - Jardin de la Vallée de Maelbeek 10 - Square Marie Louise 11 - Parc du cinquantenaire 12 - Parc de Bruxelles 13 - Jardin du Mont des Arts 14 - Jardin devant la cathédrale St Michel et Gudule

Aussi, il y a d’autres parcs qui meritent le coup d’œil bien qu’ils peuvent etre très loin à pied, vous pouvez vous y rendre en bus, en métro :  - Parc Laeke…

The culture of the beer in Belgium

A little story of...
From the 13th to the 14th century  The consumption of the beer goes back up well before the birth of the Kingdom of Belgium.
It is at 13th century that the beer made its debuts. Coming from other ancient civilizations, it was considered as the drink of the people. Before it was commercialized across the country, it was primarily a family affair, with know-how passed down from generation to generation. Beer becomes popular at 14th and 15th century, with breweries multiplying until the 16th century: the Golden Age of beer.

Brasserie Cantillon before

Its commercialization thus gave rise to large breweries run by guilds but also by abbeys. In the 17th century, beer had become generalized to the point that consumption could reach up to 400 liters per person. Beer has become the drink of the people, and has thus experienced a meteoric rise in Belgian society.
From the 16th century to the 20th century: - Some guilds of brewery was destroyed with the French Revolution over t…

May event calendar

1 -End of Brussels Tango Festival -Yard sale at the  Heysel district 2 3 -« Lire et rire » at Laeken library
4 -Pride festival beginning
5 -End of the visit of the Royal greenhouses of Laeken -Kunsten festival beginning 6 -End ofsome plays (Destin, Orgasme et violon at the Cultural center of Riches-claires) -Brussels sport days -Iris part

Atypical restaurant in Brussels

Even if the routine has its good sides, sometimes it's necessary to change our habits. If you need inspiration, here is a little list of atypicals restaurants in Brussels.
Fore these restaurants, you have to book in advance to be sure to enjoy the moment. TRAM EXPERIENCE  Contemporary cuisine in a rolling restaurant across the city...


LA CABANE DU FOU  An intimate diner close to stars..

NEMO 23 A Thai restaurant in the middle of a fish tank, or how to eat differently at reasonable price.

 COOK & BOOK For the book lover inside you ! 

And in the same style, LA TABLE FOOD & GAMES offer you more than 600 board games

WS: TRAM DE BOITSFORT This tramway doesn't move, but the cuisine is also interesting ! An improved fast-food..
WS: ATOMIUM Diner in the cloud in the m…

April event calendar

1 -Story telling at Laeken Library -End of Performatk festival -End of Listen Festival 2 -End of Milenium film festival 3 -Audition for street artist (Rue Melsens, 38) 4 -Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival beginning (Bozar) 5 6 7 -« Ceci n’est pas un jeune » Festival beginning (Place de la monnaie) 8 -End of « Ceci n’est pas un jeune » festival -End of O solitude exhibition 9 -10 Km of Brussels (Stade du Roi Baudoin) 10 - Hopla ! 2017 Festival beginning 11 12 -Board game (Laeken Library)